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Course Benefits


  •    Real-world education and training in stem cell biology
  •     Immersive hands-on courses with human stem cells
  •     State-of-theart academic and industry laboratories
  •     Novel curriculum taught by professional stem cell scientists
  •    Advanced skills for college and professional career applications
  •    Validated protocols and reagents

About Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a non-profit institute and unique provider of real-world training in molecular cell biology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.  We work collaboratively with both academic and industry partners to offer innovative programs for students of all ages to learn hands-on science with human stem cells.  Our laboratory-based courses feature novel classes, designed and taught by publishing scientists who are also exceptional teachers.  Equipped with unique skills, our graduates gain a competitive edge, attend top-tier universities, purse professional science careers and make measurable contributions to the field of stem cell research.


Through the correct balance of classroom and laboratory based teaching our students do more than just learn about stem cells in lectures – they learn with stem cells enjoying opportunities to isolate, differentiate and research a variety of human stem cell systems. Taught in state-of-the-art facilities with modern research equipment our programs provide cutting-edge training and unique experience in critical skills for all aspects of stem cell research from basic science through to translation and commercialization. In addition to our own team of experienced stem cell biologists, we connect students with professional scientists thorough a wide array of partnerships with R1 universities, hospitals, research institutes and industry labs.


At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we believe immersing students to real-world science has profound benefits for their scientific, academic and social development. Hands-on enquiry based science fosters confidence, discipline and improved problem solving skills as well as addressing the growing need for a well-trained laboratory workforce. Besides creating future scientists, we are also dedicated to increasing diversity within the field of stem cell research by providing opportunities for fee paying students and scholarships for the traditionally underserved. We bring together students for a range of socioeconomic backgrounds in the common goal of advancing stem cell science.


Offering more than just STEM enrichment, we kick start the careers of future scientists and hone the skills of current sceintists, through sophisticated training in marketable skills for all career stages.  Apply for one of our courses today and gain real-world experience in the science of the future.


High School Education


Pathways to Stem Cell Science offers the Early Investigator High School (EiHS) Stem Cell Research Program for budding scientists who are interested in gaining real-world experience in human stem cell laboratories. Originally founded at USC, this nationally recognized program equips students with critical skills for tackling higher education and gaining undergraduate research internships. EiHS fellows enjoy a range of benefits from enhanced college applications to career counseling by professional scientists.  They enter top-tier universities as highly competitive students with advanced problem solving and interpersonal skills, inspired and equipped for a future career in biomedical science


Professional Training


Aimed at working scientists, Pathways to Stem Cell Science's professional training program provideds high-quailtiy training in current techniques for deriving, culturing and manipulating human stem cells.  We work to save you time and money by developing streamlined methods that improve work efficiency and research outcomes. More than just a training program our courses feature easy-to-follow, validated protocols designed to plug into any research setting. Unlike other training providers we also provide updated protocols and ongoing support with troubleshooting problems. Taught by stem cell experts our courses offer effective solutions for working with human stem cells at an affordable price.



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Custom Course Development


For schools, colleges or industry laboratories requring specialized training programs, Pathways to Stem Cell Science offers a custom course design service. Taylored to your unique specifications, we create educational programs focusing on not only stem cell biology and regeneative medicine but also a wide range of broadly applicable biomedical skills, including regualtory affairs, facility management and more.  Our training consultants have expertise in designing educational programs for all ages from Kindergarten to professional scientists.  Featuring lectures, laboratory classes and custom learning platoforms our courses provide a valubale addition to any science based educational progam.

College Training


Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a leading provider of technical training for college students attending the CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program.  We provide a comprehensive course in current techniques for deriving, differentiating and maintaining human pluripotent stem cells.  Our program features unique training in laboratory set up and regulatory affairs.  We also provide on-going consultation at no extra charge for students who work with pluirpotent stem cells during their research internship. Taught in a purpose built training laboratory in LA’s leading bioincubator our course provides a unique industry learning environment to complete an outstanding educational experience.


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