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College Training Program

The college training program at Pathways to Stem Cell Science enables undergraduate and graduate students to tackle the “skills-gap” and prepare for working in a professional bioscience laboratory. Unlike college lab courses, our programs teach authentic work-based skills that can only be learned in a professional bioscience setting. Our unique training offers several important benefits for college students looking to transition into employment, internships or post-graduate studies:


  • Modern hands-on techniques
  • Occupational training
  • Real-world exposure
  • Professional biotech training facilities
  • Sophisticated lab equipment
  • Easy to follow validated protocols
  • Preparation for internships and employment
  • Small class sizes: student to teacher ratio of 4:1
  • Personalized learning (similar to research internships)
  • Preparation for a variety of bioscience positions
  • Ongoing support after joining a professional lab
  • Career education and guidance
  • Certificate of completion
  • Opportunities for professional networking

Participating students enjoy the rare opportunity to plan, implement and analyze an array of critical lab procedures under the guidance of experienced scientists - learning both hands-on techniques and essential work-based skills. More than just a lab-course, we prepare students for a variety of down-stream applications from diagnostics and research to technical support and postgraduate research - using the same approach and curriculum as professional industry training programs. Our students learn contemporary methods for deriving, culturing and manipulating human stem cells, in addition to broadly applicable techniques that are highly sought after by many bioscience employers.


The hands-on training is complemented with lecture-discussions that present a theoretical overview of the laboratory techniques and how they are implemented in the real-world.  We also provide a certificate of completion, ongoing protocol updates and support with troubleshooting problems after entering a professional laboratory.


With our easy registration and affordable tuition, any student can simply sign up and attend college training at Pathways to Stem Cell Science. Whether you’re an undergraduate student aiming to improve your resume or a postgraduate student looking to get the most out of your graduate research project, we can help you improve your technical skills and gain real-world lab training.

Current Courses


Cell Culture

Learn professional industry-level techniques for isolating and culturing human cells

Pluripotent Stem Cell Techniques

Learn advanced techniques for deriving, growing and manipulating human iPSCs


Think your college lab courses prepared you for working in a professional lab?  Hold that thought!

It has been widely recognized by employers, educators and researchers alike that the knowledge-based education offered at four-year colleges is failiing to prepare students with relevant skills for the 21st century workplace. In bioscience fields this “skills gap” is particularly evident in the large numbers of college graduates who lack the ability to navigate a laboratory, implement current techniques, plan practical procedures and troubleshoot technical outcomes. What’s more worrying is that many college graduates do not become aware of this "skills gap" until they graduate from college and begin professional work.


Why do students who attend college lab classes lack professional lab skills?  The first and major reason is that college lab classes are typically designed to complement theoretical lectures, rather than training students in the types of work-based activities that take place in a professional lab. Like a TV cooking show, college lab classes are taught using “recipe-style” protocols that fail to prepare students for implementing technical procedures in the real world.  They are also held in basic teaching labs, which are designed to accommodate large classes and are neither equipped nor structured to train students for professional lab environments.


The problem of inadequate lab training is further compounded in competitive research institutions, which place college professors under immense pressure to write grants and publish scientific papers. Because of these pressures, few research professors have the capacity to develop high quality lab courses or tackle the complexities of implementing real-world training. In addition, the teaching support for college lab classes is often provided by graduate teaching assistants who lack the experience or motivation to professionally mentor early career scientists. The result - college students are rarely exposed to professional lab facilities, real-world training or experienced mentors. Instead, they learn only the most basic skills, from inattentive teaching assistants, using manufactured procedures that are largely unreproducible in the real world.


At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we are working to tackle these problems by teaching real-world lab procedures in modern facilities where college students can gain personalized mentorship and training from experienced scientists. Our courses also help more experienced students to hone their skills and earn professional training certificates to appeal to future employers.

Take the PCR Test!

College graduates often feel they are adqualtey trained for professional lab work, citing their ability to perform PCR as an indicator of their skills.   Based on your college lab training could you independently?

  • Plan a PCR experiment?
  • Select and purchase commercially available PCR reagents?
  • Select and purchase PCR equiment?
  • Prepare PCR samples accurately without errors or contaminations?
  • Determine PCR cycle conditons?
  • Program a thermocycler?
  • Electrophorese PCR samples?
  • Analyze the results of PCR experiments?
  • Recognize and troubleshoot basic problems?

If the answer to these questions is no, then you could benefit from additional lab training before joining a professional bioscience laboratory.

College Courses

Learn professional bioscience skills through one of our contemporary college training courses

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May 2018







Hands-on training in cell culture techniques


Essential occupational work skills


Career development seminar


Guest speakers




May 2018






Hands-on training in pluripotent stem cell culture techniques


Advanced occupational work skills


Career development seminar


Guest speakers

How We Differ From Traditional College Lab Courses

Real-world Biotech Industry Research Lab


College Lab Courses

College Teaching Lab


Professional Industry Scientists

Student Teaching Assistants


Professional Work-Based Curriculum

Non Work-Based Curriculum - Complements Theoretical Lectures


Real-World Skills

Basic Lab Skills - Minimal Real-World Emphasis

Class Size

Small (4 Students per Instructor)


Teaching Approach

Personalized Mentorship

Non-Personalized Due to Large Class Sizes

Ongoing Support



Preparation for professional lab work


Typically None

*We provide training in essential real-world skills such as experimental planning, reagent procurement and preparation, professional industry-level techniques, lab set up and management, equipment management, data analysis and troubleshooting.







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