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As the Administrator for the high school at Lifeline Education Charter School, I can say that EiHS has been one of the greatest resources that has inspired my students. I met with Dr. Fox five years ago at the school, from the first moment she was welcoming and considerate. We quickly began working together to include Lifeline students in the program.


Our students struggle each day in making it to school because of the demographics and the city in which they live. Families can be supportive, but the socioeconomic aspects of most of the students are below the poverty margin. What keeps them going is their education, which they have embraced knowing that it will lead to a better life in the future.


The excitement and encouragement that comes from being part of the EiHS program is an overwhelming experience for my students.  In the beginning, they questioned themselves and were intimidated by the other participants. After a few days  and the help of Dr. Fox and her staff they felt confident and able to fit in. All of the Lifeline students that have graduated from the program have been inspired to enroll in a college or university


My students have definitely been inspired by the EiHS Stem Cell Research Program and most of the parents at our school are also excited about the opportunity. The staff at the EiHS Stem Cell Research Program have been caring and understanding towards our students. Dr. Fox has done an excellent job in helping our students to understand that anything is achievable if they work hard and gain a good education.


2014 EiHS Fellow

Lifeline Education Charter School Compton


The EiHS Stem Cell Internship Program enables a group of very well-rounded high school students to have the opportunity to be part of a research team investigating new issues in science. Personally, I believe that it was fascinating.


The EiHS program was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which changed my life for the better. During the first week of training in the Stem Cell Core facility we were introduced to different techniques and procedures that will helps us through the course. I learned and got to witness very interesting things which shaped my future career path. Additionally, during the program we were placed with our respected mentors. They guided us in our projects, and helped my feel more certain about the school and work I want to do in the future.


It gave me an opportunity to work with very well respected individuals who introduced me to the life of being a research scientist. I enjoyed everything about the program, from the training to the Friday Seminars and the colloquium.


It was experience that I will never forget. It gave me a view on a lot of things that I never even knew existed. I give a special thanks to Dr. Victoria Fox, the EiHS director, and my personal mentor who has given me the opportunity to be a part of this unforgettable experience.


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Stem cell research and regenerative medicine offer unparalleled prospects for treating human diseases and saving billions of dollars in health care costs. As we stand on the threshold of a revolution destined to transform the practice of medicine, the enormous task of translating stem cells into medical cures will not only take decades of research but also the brightest minds in biomedical science.  Currently, very few educational programs focus on stem cell biology and regenerative medicine or provide the high-quality, hands-on training needed to create stem cell scientists. In addition, socioeconomic constraints still define who goes on to be a stem cell researcher, limiting diversity and progress within the field. In particular, underserved men and women of Latino, African American and Pacific Islander heritage rarely purse a four-year science degree or a professional science career. Without creative insight and intellectual contributions from all genders and ethnicities, medical progress will continue to be hindered.


Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a unique organization dedicated to ensuring the scientists who will lead humanity to stem cell cures are well-trained from a young age and comprise the finest minds from all cultural and racial backgrounds. We provide opportunities for gifted scientists to gain hands-on training with human stem cells and a stepping stone for young students to pursue higher education at a four-year college.  Each year we receive applications from many gifted students and scientists with a passion for science who lack the opportunity to put their talents to use due to financial constraints. The donations we receive are used to create scholarships for the nation's brightest minds to participate in cutting-edge science education. By helping students from underrepresented radical groups gain a strong start toward a professional science career, Pathways to Stem Cell Science powers the future of applied stem cell research. As a small streamlined organization we ensure all donations are used to directly support students, not administrative overheads. Donate today to launch the career of a talented student and contribute to ground breaking research. Your generosity will not only change the lives of L.A.'s inner city youth and local communities but also create a better world for the future.



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