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Professional Training

To address the growing need for scientists with expertise in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, Pathways to Stem Cell Science offers professional training programs focusing on current stem cell techniques.  Aimed at working scientists our courses provide hands-on training in a variety of methods for deriving, culturing and manipulating human stem cells.


More than just a training program, Pathways to Stem Cell Science provides validated protocols that are easy to follow, cost effective and streamlined for use in any laboratory.   Unlike other training providers, we only recommend reagents and methods that have been rigorously tested in-house by Pathways to Stem Cell Science Staff.  Our courses are updated on a regular basis to reflect new knowledge and techniques. Particpating students also enjoy ongoing protocol updates and support with troubleshooting problems after returning to their own laboratories.


Don’t waste time optimizing techniques, validating reagents or struggling with stem cells when our expert instructors are on hand to help you succeed.  Apply to one of our professional training prorams and gain a certificate of completion for your resume in addition to effective methods that will save time and money.  Whether you’re a technician, scientist or graduate student, we can help you gain valuable skills and improve your research outcomes with human stem cells.  With our simple registration, affordable tuition and experienced course instructors, Pathways to Stem Cell Science is the number one choice for professional stem cell training.



Current Courses



Why Enrol in Professional Training at Pathways to Stem Cell Science?

As a busy working professional, finding time for job skills training can prove difficult.  However, professional training is critical not only for sustaining a modern skill set, but also for networking and creating new opportunities.  Some of the many benefits of attending professional development courses are described below.

  • Network with other scientists
  • Crate new opportunities for science collaborations
  • Identify new employement opportunities
  • Gain maketable skills for current or future job applications
  • Improve resume qualiy and gain visibility
  • Bring new skills to your lab
  • Learn optimized protocols from expert course instructors
  • Save time and money validating reagents and techniques
  • Access support and consultation from science professionals
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Reduce down time due to technical problems
  • Improve reserach outcomes and work productivity








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