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10:00am to 5pm

Monday to Friday


Various locations including LabLaunch Monrovia and Los Angeles Based Research Laboratories





June 11th - August 3rd

(12 places)


April 30th, 2018


$10,000 per student

 (Tuition is required to cover salary, supply, laboratory, research and mentor costs. A CIRM funded version of this program is available for low income students).


Course Description

The EiHS Research Internship Program is a rigorous, PhD-style training program for high school students who are serious about pursuing a career in science or medicine. This life-changing opportunity enables future scientists to kick-start their careers in laboratories that are transforming the future of medicine. The program takes place over eight-weeks, beginning with a 5-day industry-style training course called the EiHS Boot Camp, designed specifically to prepare high school students for working in a professional research laboratory.  Unique to our program, the EiHS Boot Camp provides introductory training in a variety of widely used bioscience techniques, including mammalian cell culture, molecular biology, flow cytometry and microscopy.


After completing the EiHS Boot Camp, participating students join a Los Angeles-based laboratory where they take part in scientific research, guided by a professional scientist and laboratory mentor. The research experience is complemented by educational science forums which explore scientific fields that are implemented outside of the laboratory such as science writing, bioethics, public policy and computational biology.  The forums also include a scientific journal club, guest speakers from the stem cell community and a career development seminar where students gain valuable insight into bioscience careers from academic and industry scientists.


The EiHS Research Internship Program ends on the final day with the EiHS Colloquium.  This memorable event enables graduating fellows to show case their research to friends, family and local scientists during a formal poster presentation.  Budding science writers are also invited to author an article for the EiHS Journal - a publication focusing on popular topics in stem cell research, written by high school students for high school students.

Course Features


What our Students Say


The EiHS Research Internships Program is a professional training program for students who are serious about pursing a career in science or medicine. It is reserved for a small number of the country's top science students, selected through a competitive application involving an online form and in person interview. To fully benefit from the program you must excel in high school science and cope well with challenging learning situations. To be eligible for the program you must be:


  1. 15 years of age or older on the date the program begins.
  2. Proficient in Biology, Mathematics and English, having passed two year-long courses in each subject with a grade C or above.
  3. Passionate about science with an aptitude for experimental research. Examples of this could include high-school science classes or extracurricular activities such as science fairs.
  4. Able to commute to and from the different program locations.



Application Instructions

To submit an application to the EiHS Research Internship Program you will need the following documents:

  1. School transcript.
  2. Cover letter.
  3. Personal statement addressing why you would like to participate in the EiHS program, what you hope to gain as an EiHS  fellow, the strengths you will bring to the program and how the program will help you achieve your future career goals.
  4. Letter of recommendation from a teacher - preferably your biology teacher.


Once you have compiled these documents you are ready to apply using our online application form.



Selection Criteria

The EiHS Research Internship Program places students in a professional laboratory setting with highly skilled scientists.  When selecting students for this program we look for down-to-earth individuals with good interpersonal skills who conduct themselves professionally around their peers. These qualities are judged during an in-person interview with the EiHS program director and based on the answers provided in the personal statement. Final candidates are selected after all eligible applicants have been reviewed.









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