Our Unique Approach

At Pathways to Stem Cell Science, we take a unique approach to addressing the biosciences skills gap, using real-world science and career education methods that are not employed by any other organization.

Through our innovative approach, students gain essential mentorship and experiences that cannot be gained in school or college. Here’s what makes our educational approach so unique:


Our courses are taught using authentic scientific research models (i.e. stem cells)

Our students learn real-scientific methods and theories, as they are practiced in the real-world

Our courses are taught by practicing scientists from industry and academia, using professional lab equipment

Our programs combine the correct balance of classroom and practical approaches for maximum engagement and educational impact

Our Pre-K to 12 and college programs are adapted from real-life research and professional industry training programs

Our theoretical classes present real-world information, providing practical scientific concepts that are not available in text books

We employ a low student to teacher ratio of 5:1 to ensure quality training and personalized mentorship

Our guest speakers are recruited from all sectors of the biosciences industry – not just academia and medicine

Our advanced courses are taught in professional biotech industry labs, to prepare students in high school and college for future bioscience careers

Our advanced courses mimic workplace internships, enabling high school and college students to gain experience working as independent bioscience employees

Our real-world education methods have been tried and tested over 10 years with more than 1000 students and seven accredited Universities


We provide bioscience career education at every grade level, starting early in Kindergarten

Our career education programs expose students to the vast array of potential bioscience careers – not just research and medicine

We provide real-world career education that explores real-life bioscience occupations

We teach students to research bioscience careers using professional networking and job search platforms

We help students understand what goes into developing a viable career plan and picking appropriate educational programs

We ensure students understand the full array of qualifications that are needed for bioscience employment beyond a college education

We inform students of the time-frames and logistics that go into forging different types of bioscience careers

We link students to the information, resources and mentors they need to learn about specific bioscience jobs and careers

We emphasize essential workplace skills such as troubleshooting, independence, communication and networking

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