Mission, Objectives and Goals


Inspire, guide and prepare students for future bioscience careers, with an emphasis on stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.


Preparation: Provide students with the hands-on, social and professional skills needed for school, college, internships and professional bioscience employment

Inspiration: Engage, inspire and motivate students of all ages through exciting real-world bioscience education programs

Real-World Education: Provide students with critical real-world skills, information and professional experiences they cannot gain in school or college

Career Education: Inform students about the vast array of potential bioscience careers and the training they require

Mentorship: Connect students to professional bioscientists who understand how to inspire, guide and prepare future scientists

Biotech Exposure: Expose students to private sector bioscience industries they may not learn about in school or college

Public Education and Outreach: Provide the public with accurate information relating to stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, real-world science and STEM education

Diversity and Equality: Provide equal access to real-world bioscience education and career guidance for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds


Preparation: Prepare students practically, socially and professionally to thrive in STEM education, work-place internships and bioscience occupations

Engagement: Inspire students of all ages to become lifelong bioscience learners and future bioscience professionals, with an emphasis on stem cell biology

Real-World Education: Foster the real-world skills and experiences needed to succeed in professional bioscience careers

Career Education: Equip students to develop viable career paths that lead to actual bioscience jobs

Mentorship: Provide students with the professional mentorship and support they need to forge successful bioscience careers

Biotech Exposure: Broaden students’ understanding of the private sector science industries they are most likely to work for as adults

Public Education and Outreach: Combat misinformation about stem cell research and protect the public from predatory clinics offering unproven stem cell therapies

Diversity and Equality: Empower students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their personal circumstances through advanced education and employment

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