Pathways to Stem Cell Science is the only organization that provides professionally equipped wet-lab facilities for scientists at every level. From aspiring student researchers to established biotech firms we offer a unique environment where innovation thrives.


We offer affordable research services for non-profit institutions and biotech start-ups. Our team collaborates with a global network of industry and academic scientists to conduct essential research on the cutting edge of stem cells and biotechnology.


Originally founded at USC, our hands-on science courses impart practical skills, real-world experiences, and scientific knowledge that exceeds conventional academic education. We inspire, guide and prepare scientists of all ages to excel in STEM disciplines.

Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Serving California as a unique center for stem cell research, science education and biotech facilities.

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a biotechnology center that provides wet-lab facilities, professional research services and hands-on science programs not offered anywhere else in the world today. We integrate academic excellence with corporate effectiveness to address unmet needs in scientific research and practical education.

Our state-of-the-art facilities serve as a hub for scientists at all levels to pursue their research interests.

Our contract research services aid working professionals by providing streamlined protocols, laboratory training and customized support.

Our K-12 science programs equip students for advanced STEM education, science fair research, workplace internships and future bioscience careers.

All within a distinctive entrepreneurial setting.

What We Do

Stem Cell Science

We advance stem cell science through the provision of wet lab facilities, research support and hands-on education

BioTech Facilities

We offer professionally equipped wet-lab research facilities for scientists at all stages from high school students to established biotech companies

Skills & Training

We provide real-world education and practical training in 21st century skills, relevant to all bioscience industries

Educational Innovation

We develop unique hands-on programs for students of all ages using stem cells as a teaching tool

Career Development

We provide the career education students need to turn their science passion into a science profession

Real-World Exposure

We exposure budding scientists to experienced science mentors, professional biotech labs and bioscience careers

Personal Development

Our programs promote the professional and interpersonal skills students need to thrive in all aspects of life

Support Youth

We inspire and equip disadvantaged students to improve their lives through advanced education and professional STEM careers

Equal Opportunities

We offer educational opportunities for students of all social, racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds


Support the advancement of stem cell science and create real-world pathways to bioscience careers

Pre-K and Elementary Courses

Our exciting elementary school courses inspire budding scientists to become lifelong bioscience learners

Middle School Courses

Our middle school programs enable aspiring scientists to gain authentic hands-on skills and explore bioscience careers

High School Courses

Our high school programs prepare future scientists with the real-world skills, career education and professional mentorship needed to develop a viable career path, plan for college and compete for work-place internships

College Courses

Our college programs prepare graduating scientists with the specialized skills and professional experiences needed to transition out of college into paid work


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Pre-K to 12, college and professional industry training programs.