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Stem Cell Explorers

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Stem Cell Explorers is aimed at young children ages 5-10

Course Information
Age 5-10
Format/ Schedule After school / Spring and Fall
Location Torrance, CA
 2022  Dates TBD
Duration 5 x 1.5 hour sessions
Session times 3.30pm – 5.00pm, each Friday for 5 weeks
Class size 15
Course Details

To inspire budding scientists, Pathways to Stem Cell Science has created “Stem Cell Explorers”, the first and only hands-on program that exposes young students to the exciting science of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. During this ground-breaking program, children as young as 5 enjoy the unique opportunity to work hands-on, performing authentic experiments with real-life stem cells.

Held after school during five independent sessions, “Stem Cell Explorers” will transport your child on a fascinating journey through the following bioscience-themed topics:

Session 1: Cell biology
Session 2: Physiology and Anatomy
Session 3: Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
Session 4: Biochemistry and Nutritional Science
Session 5: Experimental Stem Cell Biology

Each session features the perfect balance of theoretical discussions, hands-on activities and creative experiments, exclusively designed to inspire young minds while fostering essential skills. Participating children build core competencies in critical thinking, problem-solving and troubleshooting, guided by experienced PhD level professional scientists.

Our innovative curriculum employs a cross-disciplinary approach, combining bioscience math, English, art, social sciences, physical education and cooking to impart the multifaceted nature of real-world science. Using a wide array of teaching tools including interactive models and our specially designed visual aids, we present complex science in a fun and easy to understand manner. Your child will enjoy “viewing science” and “doing science” while building skills and knowledge for a broad array of future learning environments.

“Stem Cell Explorers” provides a welcomed change from traditional preschool camps, that offer “gimmicky science” taught using commercial science kits and every day house-hold items. Our proprietary classes impart real-world science using living cells, professional lab equipment and authentic scientific procedures that are exciting for both adults and children.

Your child will be amazed when they:
• Image real life stem cells using a professional microscope
• Isolate and view their own cells
• Culture the microorganisms that are living on their hands
• View real-life organs and their location within the body using a life size human anatomy model
• Follow a recipe to prepare their own healthy snack
• Explore the therapeutic potential of stem cells by performing a mock stem cell transplant
• Perform a real-life experiment with stem cell derived heart cells that beat in the culture dish
• Learn how science intersects with other professional fields from art, to geography to public policy

To inspire students for future careers, “Stem Cell Explorers” also features early career exposure, emphasizing the many career paths available to professional bioscientists. Our students learn that scientists are more than just doctors or researchers – they participate in a wide array of exciting professions from agriculture to crime fighting. Graduating students leave the program with new interests, improved confidence and a certificate of completion to commemorate their participation. As a Stem Cell Explorer your child will gain essential real-world skills while creating fun, friendships and life-long memories.


Session 1: Cells, The Basic Units of Life.
Scientific Focus: Basic Cell Biology.
Cross Disciplinary Focus: Art and Model Building

Session 2: Living Building Blocks – Cells, Tissues and Organs
Scientific Focus: Cellular organization, physiology and anatomy.
Cross Disciplinary Focus: Math, History and Time

Session 3: Stem Cells: The Precursors of Human Life
Scientific Focus: Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
Cross disciplinary Focus: Ethics and Public Policy

Session 4: Keeping Healthy Cells
Scientific Focus: Biochemistry and nutritional biology
Cross Disciplinary Focus: Culinary arts, exercise and environmental responsibility

Session 5: Models of Me: Cells in a Dish
Scientific Focus: Experimental Cell Biology
Cross Disciplinary Focus: Geography and Global Science


-Hands-on lab classes
-Interactive discussions
-Visual aids (i.e. images, models, flash cards, scientific samples)
-Professional lab equipment (i.e. microscopes)
-Authentic research models (i.e. stem cells, organs, tissue sections)
-Problem solving and troubleshooting opportunities
-Unique cross disciplinary curriculum
-Weekly take home activity
-Introductory career education

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