About Us

About Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a unique laboratory-based non-profit training institute in Los Angeles California.

We offer real-world training in contemporary bioscience skills to students and early career scientists through innovative hands-on courses involving human stem cells. We also support public education and outreach and provide career guidance to students who are interested in forging bioscience careers. Located in a biotech incubator, we are one of the only industry-based educational programs for K-12 and college students, in the world.

At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we believe bioscience is an applied subject which should be taught in a professional laboratory under the guidance of experienced scientists. This kind of real-world training has profound benefits for the social, academic and technical development of students, fostering confidence and improved problem-solving abilities, while addressing the industries need for a trained laboratory workforce.

We prepare aspiring scientists for higher education and employment through sophisticated training in essential lab techniques that are widely sought after by the bioscience industry. Our novel and proprietary programs also equip students with specialized skills for the rapidly growing cutting-edge fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Course participants enjoy the rare opportunity to learn in a professional bioscience laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment alongside experienced scientists who are also exceptional teachers. Besides offering a unique biotech industry experience, we also connect students to academic and medical scientists via a wide array of partnerships with universities, hospitals and research institutes. Our courses offer the same personalized training as laboratory internships through small classes taught by multiple course instructors. Using the correct balance of classroom and laboratory-based teaching we enable students to do more than just learn about stem cells in lectures – they learn with stem cells working hands-on in modern research facilities.

All of our programs are adapted from professional training courses designed for postdoctoral and industry scientists. Our curriculum has been tested and refined in accredited degree programs at six universities, including USC where it was originally developed nine years ago by Pathways to Stem Cell Science founder, Dr. Victoria Fox. Participating students work with a variety of human stem cells while experiencing life as a professional scientist. At the end of their course, they leave with a certificate of completion, letters of recommendation and real skills to add to their resume.

In addition to providing high-quality bioscience training we also coach students in professional work skills and hold career development seminars focusing on the many career paths available to bioscience graduates. These seminars provide a rare insight into career development from professional scientists who know what it takes to forge a successful science career. Equipped with unique skills and real-world exposure, our graduates gain a competitive edge and the capacity to make informed decisions about their education and career choices. With our support and guidance, they go on attend top-tier universities, purse professional science careers and make measurable contributions to the field of stem cell research.

More than just a STEM enrichment program, we kick start the careers of aspiring scientists and enhance the technical abilities of college graduates, through sophisticated training in marketable skills for all career stages. By providing opportunities for fee paying students and scholarships for the traditionally underserved we also increase diversity in the sciences and bring together students from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Apply to one of our courses today and gain real-world experience with human stem cells an innovative entrepreneurial biotech setting.

Our Goals

Hands-on Training

Equip students for higher education and employment through hands-on training in bioscience skills that are not taught to the standard needed for a practicing bioscientist during school or college

Real-World Science

Expose K-12 and college students to real-world bioscience, professional scientists, STEM careers and state-of-the-art lab facilities

Career Development

Enable K-12 and college students to understand bioscience professions, hone their career interests and develop successful bioscience careers

Biotech Exposure

Expose K-12 and college students to the biotech industry and broaden their understanding of private sector bioscience professions

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Prepare K-12 and college students for the rapidly expanding cutting-edge fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine


Increase diversity in science and improve the lives of underserved students by supporting their pursuit of a bioscience education and careers

Public Outreach and Education

Improve the publics understanding of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, bioscience, careers and real-world science

High School Training

Pathways to Stem Cell Science offers the Early Investigator High School (EiHS) Stem Cell Research Program for budding scientists who are interested in gaining real-world experience in human stem cell laboratories.

College Training

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a leading provider of technical training for college students attending the CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program. We provide a comprehensive course in current techniques for deriving.

Field Trips

Pathways to Stem Cell Science offers a one-day field trip for students aged 15 or older to work hands-on with human cancer stem cells. Taught in a purpose built industry training laboratory in LA’s leading biotech incubator our field-trip provides a unique opportunity.

Custom Course Development

For educational organizations intereste in offering specialized training programs, Pathways to Stem Cell Science has a custom course design service. Taylored to your unique specifications, we create educational programs focusing on not only stem cell biology.

What our Students Say

Our Philosophy

Bioscience is an applied subject which must be taught in professional laboratories under the guidance of qualified scientists. This kind of real-world learning is not a luxury or optional extracurricular activity – it is an integral part of training to become a practicing bioscientist. We believe students cannot make informed decisions about their education or career choices without experiencing their chosen profession first-hand, through real-world exposure to a professional bioscience work-place.

Our Approach

We prepare students for higher education and employment by immersing them in hands-on courses involving human stem cells, which provide real-world training in technical, professional and social skills.

Why Focus on Stem Cells?

Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine intersect with almost every field of biomedical research and are consequently among the most rapidly growing bioscience industries. Owing to their unique ability to create all of the cells in the adult body, human stem cells are used widely in research laboratories around the world to understand the development and physiology of our organ systems, and develop future treatments for incurable diseases. Stem cells also offer a fascinating platform for future scientists to learn essential lab techniques required throughout the bioscience sector.


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