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Professional Cell Culture

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Level – Professional Working Scientists


Course Information
Professional Levels Industry scientists, postdocs, technicians and research associates
Format/ Schedule Spring / Fall
Location Torrance, CA
  2023 Dates Spring: May 8th-12th;  Fall: October 23rd-27th
Duration 5 Days
Times 10.00am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday
Class Size 8
 Admission Participants are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis up to 1 week before the course start date. Additional questions? Click here to learn more about our general admissions policy or call us at 310-483-3651.
Course Details

“Professional Cell Culture Techniques” provides comprehensive training in validated methods for isolating, culturing, and characterizing a variety of mammalian cell types.


Participants learn to:

– Establish and maintain a cell culture laboratory
– Select, operate, and maintain cell culture equipment
– Comply with biosafety regulations
– Reduce costs through optimized purchasing and lab organization
– Sterilize supplies
– Work aseptically
– Isolate cells by explant and enzymatic derivation procedures
– Prepare, aliquot and store cell culture reagents
– Passage, feed and assess adherent and non-adherent cells
– Count cells using a hemocytometer
– Plate cells in defined numbers for experimental procedures
– Cryopreserve cells
– Characterize cells via morphological and immunological markers
– Perform mycoplasma testing
– Electroporate cells with plasmid DNA
– Prevent and eliminate contaminations
– Troubleshoot common cell culture problems

Features and Benefits

The program features:

– Experienced instructors with more than 20 years of cell culture experience

– An optimized curriculum that was originally developed in 2009 at the USC stem cell core facility

– Relevant learning experiences for scientists of all skill levels

– Streamlined procedures that will save you time and money

– Validated protocols and SOPs

– Continuing support with troubleshooting problems

– Networking with other science professionals

– Easy registration

– Affordable tuition

– Certificate of completion

We’ve helped hundreds of science professionals from around the world to gain new skills, enhance their resumes and improve their research outcomes!

Reviews (1)

1 review for Professional Cell Culture

  1. Thomas Glynn

    I signed up for the class with no real background in cell culturing or much of a microbiology laboratory background. After the class, I really enjoyed the techniques taught and would actually want to pursue a career more in line with a cell culturing discipline. It definietly gave me a step up in my resume as well as employers have definietly taken notice that I have a rudimentary background in cell culturing techniques and now I have a great job in a big biotech company and I just got out of college 8 months ago. Dr. Fox is a fantastic teacher who really explains the material in digestible chunks. The lab portions take up a good portion of your time to and should teach you all the essential techniques. Dr. Fox is always helpful and willing to ask as many questions as possible. Her lectures are also interesting and provide a great introduction into what lab work you’ll be doing that day. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to boost their resume up and learn some additional skills that’ll be valued in the biological science job market.

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