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Essential Cell Culture Techniques

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Grade – College Undergraduates and Postgraduates

Course Information
Age Any College Age
Format/ Schedule Vacation / Spring Break
Location Torrance, CA
 2024 Dates March 18th – 22nd
Duration 5 Days
Times 10.00am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday
Class size 10
 Eligibility Essential cell culture techniques is open to residential and international college students attending undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.  Applicants must have completed at least 1 year of an undergraduate degree in a bioscience related subject covering advanced cell biology.  No prior lab experience is required.
 Admission Eligible students are accepted on a first-come-first-served rolling basis up to 1 week before the course start date. Additional questions? Click here to learn more about our general admissions policy or call us at 310-483-3651.
Course Details

“Essential Cell Culture Techniques” provides comprehensive training in broadly required mammalian cell culture skills that are not taught (to a professional industry standard) by most colleges or universities.


Participants learn to:
– Establish and maintain a cell culture laboratory
– Select, operate, and maintain cell culture equipment
– Comply with biosafety regulations
– Reduce costs through optimized purchasing and laboratory organization
– Sterilize supplies
– Work aseptically
– Isolate cells by explant and enzymatic derivation procedures
– Prepare, aliquot and store cell culture reagents
– Passage, feed and assess adherent and non-adherent cells
– Count cells using a hemocytometer
– Plate cells in defined numbers for experimental procedures
– Cryopreserve cells
– Characterize cells via morphological and immunological markers
– Perform mycoplasma testing
– Electroporate cells with plasmid DNA
– Prevent and eliminate contaminations
– Troubleshoot common cell culture problems


The program features:
– Broadly required entry level lab skills
– Real-world lectures and technical information
– Professional hands-on experience
– Experienced instructors with more than 20 years of cell culture experience
– An optimized curriculum that was originally developed in 2009 at the USC stem cell core facility
– Relevant learning experiences for students of all skill levels
– Streamlined procedures that will save you time and money
– Validated protocols and SOPs
– Continuing support with troubleshooting problems
– Networking with other science professionals.
– Easy registration
– Affordable tuition
– Certificate of completion
– Career education

We’ve helped hundreds of students to gain new skills, enhance their resumes and improve their employment opportunities!


Students who take this course:
– Learn essential mammalian cell culture skills that are required by many bioscience positions
– Learn industry standard skills that are not taught by colleges or universities
– Gain comprehensive training in a professionally equipped biotech laboratory
– Avoid picking up “bad habits” through substandard training
– Reduce the burden on employers to provide them with basic training in essential skills
– Stand out to employers and enhance their employment options

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1 review for Essential Cell Culture Techniques

  1. Wesley Tierney

    Dr. Fox is a fantastic teacher. She works closely with the students to be able to address shortfalls in their techniques. I appreciate the tips and practices that I learned in this course to improve my cell culture skills. I recommend this course to anyone looking to either address issues within their own technique or to advance their current knowledge with cell culture – Wesley Tierney, 2017 Student

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