Educational Mission

Our educational mission is to inspire, guide and prepare students for 21st century science careers.

We achieve this mission by providing real-world science education, hands-on training, and career knowledge that cannot be gained in traditional academic or extracurricular science programs.

We believe real-world science education is essential for:


Professional Skill Building

Real-world education builds independence, professional skills, critical thinking, and advanced problem-solving abilities.


Informed Decision Making

Real-world education prepares students to make informed decisions about college and STEM occupations based on their real-world interests and aptitudes.


Vocational Preparation

Real-world education equips students to overcome the biosciences skills gap and pursue successful science careers.


Workforce Development

Real-world education is essential for creating a well-trained and competent STEM workforce.


Scientific Innovation

Real-world education enables the sharing of skills and information, needed to promote scientific innovation.