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Did Dinosaurs Have Stem Cells?

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Grade – TK – 5th Grade

Course Information
Age 5-10
Format/ Schedule  Weekend / Winter and Spring
Location Torrance, CA
 2022Dates January 29th and February 26th
Duration 2 hours
Session times 10.00am – 12.00pm
Class size 15
Course Details

Did you know that stem cells enable some Lizards to regrow their limbs and tails? "Did Dinosaurs Have Stem Cells?" is a ground breaking workshop that enables young students aged 5-10 to explore the exciting science of regeneration, working hands-on with stem cells in a professional lab!

This unique program, only available at Pathways to Stem Cell Science provides an inspiring introduction to basic cell biology, regenerative stem cell science and scientific research. Students take on the role of paleo stem cell biologist, investigating the fascinating question of whether Dinosaurs might have possessed the same regenerative capacity as other reptile species. They use scientific method, inquiry driven research and real-life biochemical assays to formulate and test a research hypothesis, detecting the presence of putative "Dino stem cells" among a sample of four mystery cell types we grow in our professional biotech research lab. They also analyze and interpret their experiment using a professional research microscope, under the guidance of professional industry scientists.

Guaranteed to foster interest in the sciences, "Did Dinosaurs Have Stem Cells?" is the ONLY program in the world that brings real life cells and scientific research methods to elementary school children.


"Did Dinosaurs Have Stem Cells" is a 2 hour program, covering the following concepts in experimental life science research:

1. Basic cell biology (structure and function of cells and multicellular organisms)
2. Basic stem cell biology (location and function of stem cells)
3. Tissue regeneration and physiology
4. Introductory developmental biology
5. Basic paleontology
6. Scientific method (observation, question, predication, hypothesis, experiment, analysis/interpretation and conclusions)
7. Introductory STEM career education – the varying roles of scientists in society


-Hands-on lab class
-Fine motor skills
-Relatable role models
-Interactive discussions
-Visual aids (i.e. images, models, flash cards, scientific samples)
-Professional lab equipment (i.e. microscopes)
-Authentic research models (i.e. cells and stem cells)
-Problem solving and troubleshooting opportunities
-Cooperation and team work
-Unique inspiring real-world curriculum
-Take home activity
-Introductory career education

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