Founded in 2016, Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a unique biotech-based, non-profit research and education company located in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to support the advancement of stem cell science and create real-world pathways to bioscience careers. We achieve these goals through a unique combination of contract research services and education programs. Pathways to Stem Cell Science is the world’s only provider of hands-on stem cell education for students in Pre-K to 12 and college.


At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we offer an innovative pipeline of hands-on bioscience education programs for students at every educational stage from preschool to college. Our programs provide aspiring scientists with the inspiration, real-world training, professional mentorship and career education needed to thrive in school,  college and employment. Our educational mission is to inspire, guide and prepare students for future bioscience careers. We also support work-force development and the continuing education of professional scientists through specialized industry-level training programs.


Our broad scientific mission is to advance stem cell science and regenerative medicine by lowering the barriers to working with stem cells. Our internal R&D program focuses on developing improved, cost-effective, labor-effective, and cGMP-compliant bioprocesses and methods.

We take part in cutting-edge stem cell research, working collaboratively with industry and academic scientists from around the world. Our novel status as a non-profit allows us to provide comprehensive, low-cost support to emerging companies and non-profit research organizations.

We can provide a variety of contract research services including cell line development, cell line characterization, cell banking, production of genetically modified cell, differentiation into specific lineages, exosome isolation, assay development and laboratory design, build-out, set-up and management.

Our Goals

Stem Cell Science

Advance stem cell research by lowering the barriers to working with stem cells

Regenerative Medicine

Support the development of stem cell and regenerative therapeis for unmet medical needs

Real-World Education

Foster the real-world skills and experiences needed to thrive in education, internships and employment


Inspire students of all ages to become lifelong bioscience learners and future bioscience professionals

Career Development

Equip students to develop viable career paths that lead to actual bioscience jobs

Biotech Exposure

Broaden students understanding of the private sector science industries they are most likely to work for as adults


Provide the professional mentorship students need to research, understand and forge professional bioscience careers

Diversity and Equity

Empower socioeconomically disadvantaged students to improve their lives through advanced education and employment

Public Education & Outreach

Improve the public’s understanding of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, bioscience careers and real-world science


Students Trained


College Students


High School Students


School Courses Run


Years Experience


College Admission


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