Admissions Policies

General Admissions Policy

Eligible students are admitted into their chosen program on a first-come-first-served basis up to the posted deadline. Admission notifications are generally provided within 10-business days of submitting an application, unless we are experiencing a high volume of applications in which case wait times may be longer. Applicants who are not notified within 10-business days are encouraged to contact our team for an update on their application status. This policy applies to all courses except subsidized and scholarship-based programs, which may involve a competitive application and take longer than 10-business days to process. For specific admissions policies and application deadlines please refer to the course listing for your chosen program or contact us.

Eligibility Policy

To qualify for admission, students must meet the minimum age criteria and comply with program specific requirements such as academic or personal prerequisites. For specific eligibility criteria please refer to the course listing for your chosen program.

Application Procedures

Eligible students can apply to our programs via the online application link located on the course listing page. This policy applies to all programs except custom courses, which are booked directly through a member of our team. Please contact us at by email or call 310-483-3651 if you would like to discuss our custom course development program.

Course Tuition

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a biotech-based organization with substantial operating costs that must be funded if we are to exist. Course tuition is necessary to fund the facility, salary, materials and administrative costs associated with operating our real-world educational programs in a professional laboratory space. All participants are required to pay course tuition or apply for financial aid in order to attend our programs. As a non-profit organization we are continually engaged in philanthropic fundraising and aim to provide financial subsidies to disadvantaged students whenever possible.

General Cancellation Policy

Up to 60-days prior to the course start date, full refunds will be granted when cancellations are made within 7-days of course tuition payment. Otherwise, a 50% refund will be granted for cancellations made at least 60-days prior to the course start date. No refunds will be granted after the 60-day cut-off. This policy applies to all programs unless otherwise stated in the program offer letter or admission notification.

Financial Aid Policy

Programs with available tuition subsidy can be found by searching under the “scholarship” category on our course listing page. Subsidies and scholarships are awarded preferentially to high-achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds on a first-come-first-served basis, unless otherwise restricted by the funding source. Financial awards are calculated using a needs-based subsidy scale according to the applicant’s combined household income.

To apply for financial aid, applicants should:

A. Check the “financial aid” option on the course application form

B. Complete a financial aid application form

Please note that applying for a subsidy or scholarship is NOT recommended if you can pay the course tuition as the application process may delay and possibly disqualify your application.


We do not provide accommodations for students or scientists attending programs. Attendees can find accommodations at nearby hotels and AirBnB listings.


As a general rule we do not provide transportation to and from our programs.  Upon request we may be able to collect students from public transportation stations located within a 5 mile radius of our facilities. We are also happy to help coordinate carpooling arrangements between students who are traveling from neighboring locations.


We do not allow volunteering at Pathways to Stem Cell Science. All students and interns must be enrolled in a formal program, funded by tuition or financial aid.