Why Focus On Stem Cells?

What Makes Stem Cells So Special?

There are many reasons why stem cells make the perfect tool for teaching, research and therapeutics:

Stem cells are fascinating to work with and inspire young scientists to learn more about bioscience and medicine.

Stem cells intersect with almost every field of medicine and bioscience and provide one of the most relevant models to work with in a laboratory setting.

Stem cells are becoming widely used in bioscience research and medical therapy. For this reason, stem cell knowledge and practical experience will be essential for future bioscientists and medical practitioners.

Stem cells provide an excellent tool for teaching many aspects of human bioscience, physiology and medicine owing to their ability to make any cell in the human body.

Stem cells are cultured and analyzed using core techniques required by all practicing bioscientists and thus provide an excellent tool for teaching essential and broadly applicable bioscience lab skills.

Please Note: We work exclusively with adult, pluripotent and cancer stem cells, which do not pose ethical concerns for any religious or political groups.

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