Why Focus On Stem Cells?

Why Focus on Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unspecified or “blank” cells from which all other cells are created.  They are present at every stage of the human life cycle from conception to death.


Under the right conditions stem cells differentiate into the mature cells that comprise the body’s tissues and organs.  They create the somatic cells that enable an organism to develop, grow, repair and maintain its body systems.


Stem cells also play a role in the progression and treatment of many diseases from degenerative conditions to cancer.  As such, they are an ideal model for studying and teaching a wide array of bioscience related topics.

In fact, stem cells are one of the most widely used research models in life science and biotechnology.


Aspiring bioscientists benefit greatly from gaining practical stem cell experience before graduating from college.


Because stem cells are cultured and analyzed using broadly applicable techniques, students who gain stem cell experience also learn essential lab skills for a variety of STEM applications.

Please Note: We work exclusively with adult, pluripotent and cancer stem cells, which do not pose ethical concerns for any religious or political groups.