Educational Goals

We aim to:

Inspire students’ interest in biology and in pursuing STEM careers.

Guide students in becoming competent, rigorous, ethical scientists.

Prepare students to thrive in STEM education, workplace internships and bioscience occupations.

Provide essential real-world skills and experiences that cannot be gained in academic or extracurricular science programs.

Address bioscience skill gaps through the provision of high-quality science education taught hands-on from a real-world perspective.

Broaden students’ understanding of the private sector biotech science industries they are most likely to work for as adults.

Encourage students to learn about STEM occupations and pursue viable careers based on their real-world interests and aptitudes.

Offer educational opportunities for all talented science enthusiasts regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Raise awareness of the dangers of unproven stem cell therapies through public outreach and education.