Our Impact

Inspiring future scientists

At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we work tirelessly to support the education and work-based training of PreK-12 and college students from around the United States.

Our unique programs help inspire students of all ages, ethnicities and genders to pursue careers in science and stem cell research. Our students go on to attend top-tier universities and continue real-world science training in many STEM sectors from research and medicine to business and law.

In an effort to promote the advancement of women in STEM, we recruit significant numbers of female students and provide them with guidance from strong female role models who know what it takes to balance a family and a professional STEM career. We work to ensure that students from underserved, low income and underrepresented communities can attend our programs tuition free, funded through grants, philanthropic donations and corporate sponsorships.

At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we believe all students with an interest and aptitude for science should be supported in their pursuit of a bioscience career. The quality and value of our programs are demonstrated in students’ measured educational outcomes and positive evaluations.