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Story By Anthony Neil Tan, 2018 CIRM SPARK Student. Attended undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Majoring in Bioengineering It's More than Just Stem Cells! In freshman year of high school, I was flipping through my favorite biology textbook when a page titled "Stem Cells" caught my eye. Captivated by...

My Story, By Sophie Karolczak, 2015 Regenerative Medicine and Disease Modeling Program alumna, 2017 Teaching Research Intern (by invitation). Attended undergraduate at Wesleyan College. Each year, college students from across the country compete for internships with leading biotech research firms. Unlike university lab placements, these coveted private...

My Story, By Aditya Daita, 2017 Stem Cell Research Internship Student. Attended undergraduate at UC Berkeley. Throughout high school, I always loved science and reading about scientific discoveries. Interested to learn first-hand how discoveries are made, I applied to the Stem Cell Research Internship Program at Pathways...

Adriana Millan - Lifeline Education Charter School, Compton, CA As children, we all grew up with the companionship of our favorite television shows. We enjoyed sitcoms and other animations throughout our childhood and even as adults, there’s no shame. The goofy and spontaneous skits we enjoyed...

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